Inspired by the traditional and indigenous people in Peru, Hian Tjen creates pieces that are rich with textures and colours taken from Peruvian culture and history. “PERUHIAN” collection integrating conventional arts with splendid fashion elements that is modern, sophisticated and elegant.

As always with Hian Tjen, detail played an important part in giving the pattern play a compelling allure. The perfect details of Peru cultural elements blended together seductively and it can be seen from the authentic hand-woven textile portrays the beautiful Ausangate rainbow mountain of the Peruvian Andes, vintage motifs from the Nazca lines which are massive drawings in the soil, also known as Peru geoglyphs with about 300 different figures, including animals and plants, traditional Andean handwoven textiles rich with innumerable Inca symbols and patterns, bright layered colours of wool fabrics made from Llama and alpaca – the famous South American animal up to the vibrant hues of Machu Picchu natural tropical rainforest.

In addition to the collection Hian Tjen has collaborated with Rinaldy Yunardi to create unique head piece inspired by Peruvian festival hats and special thematic creation of shoes from Thang Shoes will strengthen and enrich the collection