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About Us

Established since 2008 in Jakarta – Indonesia , the label is rooted in Hian Tjen’s exquisite craftsmanship, with dazzling draping techniques and elegance nuances as his signature.

Born and raised in Pemangkat – West Kalimantan, Indonesia – a man known for his extraordinary creative talent, Hian Tjen is easily one of the most respected fashion designers in the country.

Back to 2003, right after graduating from ESMOD Jakarta, Hian Tjen began his career working in various field of fashion industry in Jakarta and he finally decided to launch his namesake brand in 2008 and focus on creating luxurious made-to-order couture pieces for woman and bespoke bridal gowns since ever.

As one of the most sought-after designers, Hian Tjen has created a distinctive niche in the world of fashion with his innovative and uncompromising expression of creativity. The 35 years old fashion designer is known for his beautiful intricate details, hand-draping techniques and feminine yet elegant silhouettes. With a focus on craftsmanship, HIAN TJEN has a trained eye for quality, detail, and is dedicated to creating immaculate and visionary pieces – with his collections designed and produced locally within his atelier in Jakarta.

Having established his namesake brand for more than 12 years, he always exploring new things, innovating and always looking opportunities to keep updated and relevant with new trends. His latest show in Milan Fashion Week 2020 was one of his successful achievements where he played with new shapes and cuttings that refined and never boring, each with their own characteristic and level of intricacy. Pioneering the industry with moves that always surprise, his collection is sure to be an exemplary exhibit of Hian Tjen’s brilliant mind at work.

HIAN TJEN is an Indonesian based luxury made to measure and bridal brand that launched in 2008. The brand was created and inspired by elegant femininity with an aesthetic touch that are classic, timeless, and refined. Ideally for the independent and contemporary woman.