March 2022 – Hian Tjen makes his debut in Dubai by participating in Arab Fashion Week 2022, UAE. Making Hian Tjen the only Indonesian fashion designer that is participating in Arab Fashion Week 2022 on 25th March 2022, Dubai Design District. Collaborating with Rinaldi Yunardi accessories , Cava shoes, with Makeover, Hian Tjen presents its collection for the first time called “PROVENANCE” with the infamous Indonesian model Patricia Gouw and Indonesia’s supermodel, Paula Verhoeven who has made a comeback for over 3 years of hiatus in the modelling industry . The “PROVENANCE’ collection is inspired by Africa which also called the “mother of mankind”. The title itself is inspired by a theory called “Out of Africa” which explain to us that most of the human origin is based on Africa, and from that, the collection title came up called “PROVENANCE”. 

The collection first start out because the designer himself, went on a trip to Africa and began to see amazing sights of the Africa multi-culture. and since then, The designer aspire to create a collection inspired by Africa with it’s vibrant color, rich in cultures, and meaningful symbols. One of the many symbols that are chosen is Adinkra, which is the symbol from Ghana.

In this Collection, Hian Tjen always want to showcase clean and simple silhouette line, with a twist of drama that is implemented on making the details, such as hand sewing technique of cross stich, beadings, hand painting, and embroidery technique that takes up to 2400 hours in making to create a sophisticated and fine quality on every designs. The elements that put up on the design will surely give the strong, fierce impresssion, yet elegant in the “PROVENANCE” Collection. 

The Arab Fashion Week runway itself is an official fashion week in Dubai, Middle East Region that is held by Arab Fashion Fashion Council that join hands with Dubai Design District. This fashion week is held 4 times in a year, and is one of the biggest fashion event in the world, alongside, New York, London, Milan, and Paris Fashion Week. Hian Tjen x Make Over in Arab Fashion Week 2022/2023 supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Economy Creative Indonesia and attended by the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Dubai, Mr. K. Candra Negara.