August 2022- After years of his amazing masterpieces and last unforgettable show at Arab Fashion Week 2022, Hian Tjen has make his come back in Indonesia and present his next collection at the catwalk with a theme called “Dare to be bold” in the Harper’s Bazaar Fashion Festival. Like the name of the theme, this show will be a very special one where Hian Tjen prepares and designs a full collection of striking and unexpected work of art for the runway yet still embracing his signature style of simple lines elegance, modern architectural, clean femininity, with a twist of drama. 

Inspired by the concept of “Lithe” as a word, Hian Tjen incorporated 2 words that describe this collection, which are lit that is defined as bright; radiating and lithe itself means elegant; supple; graceful. In Lithe, Hian Tjen is focusing on one specific color named Chartreuse that will be represented in numerous different looks. Chartreuse is a color that is in between yellow and green forming into a neon yellow, which symbolizes enthusiasm, happiness, growth and youth. The collection consists of 12 works of couture representing magnificent design style that shows grace and elegance, focusing on drapery, corsetry and and innovative embellishments, skillfully done to capture women’s beautiful silhouette as well as high quality craftmanship, such as beadings with eccentric materials. 

This collection wouldn’t be possible without the support of some of the most talented people in Indonesia. Working together with Rinaldy Yunardi, another good friend and a talent who is globally known for his spectacular work in the accessory world, is an honor because of his continuous support and talented mind to design the accessories that are both elegant and edgy for Hian Tjen’s collection “Lithe”. Moreover, this show wouldn’t be complete without the support of the master of high heels, Thang Shoes for the footwear in the “Lithe” collection. With chunky platform heels with pointy toe style as well as thigh high chunky platform boots with square end toe that prioritizes simplicity and Chartreuseas the main color, Thang Shoes will encourage his work to complement the entire collection of “Lithe”. And nevertheless, The Designer Workshop, our textile provider, providing us with the finest and various silk fabrics of Chiffon, Scuba, and Satin. Lastly, the collection will also consist of natural makeup look and hairdo by the talented Makeup Artist Qiqi Franky, specially created to enhance the beauty of women which specifically requested by the designer himself to make the collection shines and radiates the power and beauty of women.