February 2020 – Having established himself over the past 11 years in fashion, Hian Tjen presented and re-staging his “PERFCT10N” couture collection unveiled in Jakarta for Milan Fashion Week Fall Winter 2020/2021. Sponsored by creative platform Emerging Talents Milan the event was successfully held on February 22, 2020 at Palazzo Visconti, Milan, Italy.

This collection pays homage to traditional Christian church fellowships, The Amish with unique interpretations. It pulls inspiration from a burning curiosity and fascination of the traditional Amish community that lives by their conventional and seemingly simple lives. Conceptualising the ideas and beliefs of the community, and having visited where The Amish are native to, Hian Tjen puts a modern twist to The Amish concept and makes use of detailed workmanship and a variety of fabric. Combining embroidery, quilting, beadings, printing, lace, and many more, the collection also features some hand illustrations that were transformed into a certain type of fabric. Always exploring new things, this visionary of a designer plays with shapes, cuttings and uses different materials also he created his own fabrics with exquisite details.

Capturing the true essence of The Amish, Hian Tjen explored through different elements and lifestyle symbols like exotic animals, lush plantation, rich agriculture, and vegetation, for inspiration of this couture collection. The colour palette of the looks flirted with extravagant classic earthy tones that gives out that collectively feminine and elegant look yet somehow each with their own characteristic and level of intricacy.

A decade of innovation and cementing his position as the top young designer in the country, Hian Tjen will showcase his iconic methods with new techniques and colour composition in this fashion show. This is an especially important collection for Hian Tjen as each piece required extreme detailed work with well executed techniques making it extra personal for him. Pioneering the industry with moves that always surprise, this collection is sure to be an exemplary exhibit of Hian Tjen’s brilliant mind at work.

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