Aglaea Bridal Collection 2023

Hian Tjen 2023 Bridal Collection “Aglaea” 

Westin Hotel, Surabaya 2023

In this opportunity, with The Westin Hotel, Surabaya, Hian Tjen has showcased another masterpiece with his signature style modern elegance. This collection of his latest bridal collection has a title of “Aglaea”. Inspired by the name, “Aglaea” is a goddess of beauty, splendour, glory, magnificence, and adornment. The collection will present timeless, elegance, sophisticated bridal pieces filled with intricate yet delicate craftworks of embroidery, patchwork, cut-out work, and handwork of pleats, that will complement the wearer’s beauty, make them the centre of attention which everyone will adorn and feel just as a goddess would.