“Lithe” with the pronounciation of /laɪð/, is a collection that is showcased at Senayan City on 7Th August 2022, a show reinforced by UOB, Asia’s leading bank that never fails to provide the best quality of products and service. In addition, it is also a marvelous opportunity of collaborating with other talents in the fashion industry, such as Rinaldy Yunardi, Thang Shoes, and The Designer Workshop.

Inspired by the concept of “Lithe” as a word, Hian Tjen incorporated 2 words that describe this collection, which are lit that is defined as bright; radiating and lithe itself means elegant; supple; graceful. In Lithe, Hian Tjen is focusing on one specific color named Chartreuse that will be represented in numerous different looks. Chartreuse is a color that is in between yellow and green forming into a neon yellow, which symbolizes enthusiasm, happiness, growth and youth. The collection consists of 12 works of couture representing magnificent design style that shows grace and elegance, focusing on drapery and corsetry skillfully done to capture women’s beautiful silhouette as well as high quality craftmanship, such as beadings with eccentric materials.