The Fight Against the Global Coronavirus Pandemic

April 2020 – In response to the spread of the COVID-19, Hian Tjen together with other fashion designers and textiles suppliers created a CSR program to help Indonesia deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

Hian Tjen turned his workshop and atelier into hospital medical wear “manufacture” and all medical gowns will then be given free of charge to medical professionals currently fighting the virus in the country, not only in Jakarta but also other cities in Indonesia.

“ It’s time for us to help protect those that are working so hard for us, It’s the only thing we can do,” Hian Tjen said. “We produce [the protective gear], while Project Indonesia distributes and verifies [hospitals or medical personnel who are in need of the gear].”.

The team was continuing to work hard – while keeping to the government public health’s social distancing and safe working guidelines. In collaboration with other designers we made more than 1.000 hospital gowns and now we’re working on the hazmat suits to be donated to the hospitals.

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