Perfect10n Milan

PERFECT10N MILAN 2020 February 2020 – Having established himself over the past 11 years in fashion, Hian Tjen presented and

Perfect10n 2019

PERFECT10N 2019‚Äč In this collection, Hian Tjen reruns the historical 1860s theme, consists of all high white ruffs, corsets, doublets,

The Yine Girl 2019

The Yine Girl 2019 Inspired by the traditional and indigenous people in Peru, Hian Tjen creates pieces that are rich


IPMI LUDIC SHOW In this collection called Ludic, Hian Tjen played with playful colours with maximalist silhouette inspired by fashion

Pelegrin 2018

PELEGRIN SHOW Pelegrin means spiritual journey in Latin, in this collection, Hian Tjen combined a traditional Sumba textile, which is